Encryption key management infrastructure creation

We designed and created a public key exchange and management infrastructure for a city and transportation card system. The created system and infrastructure layed down the foundations of all the security functions and allowed the definition of the external interfaces. As part of the pilot project we presented the secure key distribution functions and key-transfer […]

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Info security audit

We conducted an info security audit at a large Hungarian research institution, including external (black box) and internal vulnerability analysis highlighting the weaknesses of the internal network and the contact points to the external network. We also tested the user security-awareness using social engineering methodology. At the end of the analysis, we presented a detailed

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Management reporting system creation

We planned and created an indicator-based management reporting system in line with the top-management requirements and the department relevancies. Based on the key indicators, defined together with our client, the system was able to help the decision making process and provide real-time reports, highlighting the problematic areas and allowing quick reactions, improving efficiency and reducing

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